Ch Waverleyglen Mistress Clarinda (Claire)

Ch Waverleyglen Marathon Man 2nd (Fergus)

Their daughter:

Ch Inisroe’s Mistress Scout Finch (Finn)

Ch Hobel She's Gone To Inisroe (Sinead)

Ch Waverleyglen Inisroe's Pippa (Pippa)

Ch Inisroe's Bachram Faerie Rider (Fiona)

Before we breed, we show all of our dogs to their CKC championships as owner handlers. We still travel throughout the Maritimes and occasionally to Ontario and the U.S. to dog shows to promote our breed.

All of our dogs are Canadian Champions. We test their hips and eyes and have their kidneys and bowels screened on a yearly basis for signs of PLE/PLN. We are also part of a screening study for the DNA marker for PLN. They are from the Waverleyglen line and are bred for health, conformation and personality. We are responsible CKC breeders and we try to find the best possible homes for our puppies. They are well socialized with children and other dogs before we place them at 8 or 9 weeks.

Our dogs are part of our family and our retirement project with much care and guidance from Jan and Bill Cunningham of the Waverleyglen line of Wheatens. Jan and Bill have been raising quality Wheatens for many years and we are fortunate to be able to ride on their coat tails.

Claire and Fergus have retired from breeding now and join us in grandparenthood. Their daughter, Finn, is the proud mother of two litters including Ch. Inisroe's Hallelujah part of Teresa and Jerry's family in British Columbia. Now Pippa is also retired from breeding. Sinead (our Irish coated girl) and Fiona (Claire and Fergus' Great Granddaughter) are carrying on our breeding program.
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